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Ideal for home educators, Whizz Pop Bang is a new monthly science magazine for 6-11 year old children. Each 36 page magazine is full of fascinating science features and exciting experiments that you can try out at home - all aimed at making science fun, accessible and engaging for children (and their parents)!

Select the month-by-month payment option for just £3.75 per month including delivery and use the code FREEMAG at the checkout to get your first magazine for free...


Perfect for Home Educators

✓ Hours of educational fun each month
✓ Exciting experiments to try at home
✓ Expert science writers
✓ Engaging layout and illustrations
✓ Gender neutral content
✓ No paid advertising
✓ No screens
Just 36 printed pages of good wholesome science fun!

Jason Bradbury, host of 'The Gadget Show'

Jason's children's comments about the magazine:

“Interesting and fascinating” Marnie Bradbury (10)
"The magazine is very cool" Jackson Bradbury (8)

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