When you first sign up to Whizz Pop Bang the cut off deadline for receiving that month's magazine is midnight on the 1st of each month (to give us a few days to prepare the data and print the address sheets before we send the mailing). If you sign up any time after the 1st of the month, your subscription will start with next month's magazine. If you'd prefer to receive a magazine sooner than that, simply purchase one of our back issues in addition to your subscription and we'll send it out to you as soon as we can.

We send out magazines on around the 5th-9th of each month, so you should expect to receive your copy between the 9th and 15th of each month. If you haven't received your magazine by the 15th of the month, please get in touch and we will investigate for you.

All renewal payments are processed on the same date, which is the 12th of each month. This gives people plenty of time before the next issue of the magazine in case they need to organise an alternative payment if their chosen payment method fails.

If you took out a subscription on the 1st, which is the very last date that you can sign up to receive that month’s magazine, then you will receive your first magazine between the 9th and 15th of the month. Your renewal will be processed on 12th, ready for your next magazine to be sent out. Sorry if it seems unfair to be processing payments so close together, but it only applies to the first renewal payment. All future payments will be processed on a monthly basis - on the 12th.

Packed into its 36 pages, you'll find a wide spread of topics each issue – with features on ecology to astronomy and dinosaurs to kitchen chemistry – there's something for everyone. In addition to these features you'll also find the following regular content in each magazine...

Science News and Facts – we give you the low down on some of the most interesting science news and facts from around the world

My Amazing Life Story – an account of a famous scientist written in the first person. Great for literacy and comprehension practice.

Competition – this normally takes the form of a science-based art or craft activity where children are encouraged to send pictures of their creations for the chance to win a prize.

Letters – it's over to you guys for these pages - email us or send us a letter. It could be a science question that you need answering, a science joke or fact or a photo of a science experiment you've done. Send it in and it might be printed on these pages.

Space – Mark Thomspon, our resident astronomer and author, best known from BBC's Skywatch Live opens our horizons out to the universe.

Animals - TV Vet Joe Inglis writes about an animal subject each month. Interview – we interview a real live scientist each month to find out about the amazing and varied work that they do.

Activities – throughout the magazine you'll find puzzles, games, activities and of course experiments to engage children with the subject and help them to learn whilst having fun.

No. Whizz Pop Bang is advert-free, sponsorship-free, branding-free, sugar-free, fat-free, printed on paper from sustainable forests and guaranteed to be a fun and wholesome read for everyone! The only small exception to this is that competition prizes are donated to us for free and in return the manufacturers are given a little space to show off their products. We don't have any paid-for advertising.

Yes. It costs an additional £1.50 to post each copy of Whizz Pop Bang overseas.

Simply enter your address at the checkout and the postage costs will be calculated for you. Please be aware that it can take much longer for overseas deliveries to arrive.

Yes, you can find our non-renewing gift subscriptions here: Gift Subscriptions

Once you've chosen the length of your subscription, you will then be redirected to the checkout page to enter the recipient's name and address. By selecting the gift option tick box on the checkout page you will be given the option of entering a gift message, which will be printed on the address sheet and sent with the recipient's first magazine. We also have gift packaging available in our shop.

Please check out only one subscription at a time.

Yes, just click here and you'll be able to select gift vouchers in multiples of £5. After you check out you will receive an email containing your gift voucher code. Once you give this code to the recipient (by forwarding the email or printing it out), the recipient will be able to enter the code into the coupon code box at the checkout to redeem the gift voucher against any of the Whizz Pop Bang subscription plans or back issues.

Simply log in to your account and edit your shipping address details online. Your address will be updated and the next magazine will be sent to your new address.

Yes. Simply log in your account and click on the Edit Subscription button. You will then have the option of switching to a different payment plan.

Simply log in to your account and click on the 'Edit Subscription' button. You will then have the option of cancelling your subscription. Once your subscription has been cancelled no further payments will be processed and you will stop receiving the magazines once any pre-paid period has expired.

Our standard subscriptions operate on an auto-renewing basis, ensuring that you don't miss out on any magazines. If you would prefer not to have this option you can log into your account and cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the 'Edit subscription' button and continuing to cancel your subscription. You will still continue to receive all of the magazines that you have paid for. For example, if you signed up to a twelve month payment plan and you cancel your subscription, you will still receive a magazine each month for a whole year. At the end of the year your subscription will come to an end and no further payments will be processed.

We're always happy to help. Simply email us or call us on 0330 2233 790.

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