Free Children's Science Activities

Have fun with science at home!

Check out these awesome FREE science experiments and activities to help you entertain, excite and educate your children at home.

PLUS, you can find loads more science experiments, features, facts, puzzles and games in our awesome monthly kids' science magazine, Whizz Pop Bang.


Curriculum-linked science activities and reading comprehensions

We've got lots of hands-on science experiments and science reading comprehensions to try at home – they're linked to the National Curriculum for children in years 2 to 6 and we're making them available for everyone to use for FREE!

Virtual Science Quiz For Kids

Try this fun science quiz with your kids at home. You could even set up a video call with your children's friends so that they can all play together, in true virtual pub quiz style!

Space and General Science Quiz For Kids

This space and general science quiz by Whizz Pop Bang reader Tom will set your kids' brains racing! Try it at home amongst your own family or bring in friends online for a fun science challenge!

Earn a Wildlife Watcher Badge

Complete three challenges to earn an awesome Whizz Pop Bang Wildlife Watcher badge...

1)  Make something to help wildlife
2)  Spot some wildlife and record it
3)  Do something to help wildlife

What a great way to keep busy and help nature!


Earn a Super Scientist Badge

Carry out your own investigation to get your hands on an awesome Whizz Pop Bang Super Scientist badge...

1)  Think up a question
2)  Investigate it
3)  Tell us what you discovered

You can investigate anything you like... Do birds sing more often when it’s sunny? Which type of surface is best for bouncing balls on? Does your pet hamster have a favourite colour?! It's time to get curious!

Earn an Eco Hero Badge

Help the environment and earn your very own Whizz Pop Bang Eco Club badge...

1)  Think up a question
2)  Make an environmentally friendly change
3)  Help to raise awareness

It's a fun challenge to complete and you'll be helping to save the planet too!

Earn an Epic Engineer Badge

Complete these four challenges to earn your Whizz Pop Bang Epic Engineer...

1)  Identify a problem
2)  Design a solution
3)  Get building
4)  Test and improve your design

Does your solution work? If not, don’t worry! Try to think of some improvements you could make and tell us about them.

Earn a Science Reporter Badge

Science communication is an important skill to learn so, complete these challenged to earn your Whizz Pop Bang Science Reporter badge...

1)  Write a science review
2)  Science news report
3)  Report on an experiment

Learn how to tell the world about your scientific discoveries in a way that everyone can understand.


The Awesomely Amazing Science Club

We set up this science club to make it super easy for volunteers to run weekly science clubs, but the experiments are ideally suited for use at home too.

Aimed at children aged 6 to 12, these activities aren't linked to the National Curriculum. Instead, the experiments are designed to capture children’s imagination and to spark a love of hands-on practical science, using simple household materials. 

Printable Space Colouring Sheet

Print out this fun space-themed colouring sheet (2MB) and get creative!

Printable Animal Colouring Sheet

Print out this fun animal-themed colouring sheet (2MB) and flood it with colour! 


Don't forget to share your experiments, colouring, comments and suggestions on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Or email our robot, Y, who really loves seeing what you've been up to!

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