Fossils: William Buckland and Mary Morland

This biography text for year 6 and P7, linking to the topic evolution and inheritance and biodiversity and interdependence, describes the lives of palaeontologists William Buckland and Mary Morland. One of their biggest breakthroughs was studying bones that had been found in a local quarry in Oxfordshire years earlier. For more than 150 years, no one at the museum knew how to label them. Were they from an elephant? Or perhaps a giant human? In 1824, William announced his own theory – that they were from a huge, extinct reptile! He named this ancient creature Megalosaurus, meaning ‘great fossil lizard’. It was the very first dinosaur ever to be named and described!

This downloadable reading pack includes:

  • An A3 reading spread for you to print.
  • A reading comprehension question and answer sheet.
Year 6
Evolution and inheritance
Fossils: William Buckland and Mary Morland

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