Sand slide investigation

A practical activity for year 3 and P4, linking to the topic Forces and magnets. Just how did the Egyptians move the heavy limestone blocks used to build the pyramids? A team of physicists in the Netherlands spotted a clue in an ancient wall painting, which shows an Egyptian worker pouring water on the sand. Pupils will test this theory out to see if adding water to sand will reduce friction and allow the weight to move more easily.

This pack includes:

  • A differentiated lesson plan which includes a scientific explanation of how a potato moves across wet sand
  • A PowerPoint presentation explaining pyramid physics
  • Printable instructions

Simple to resource! The items you will need include:

  • Play sand
  • School trays
  • A bag of potatoes
  • String
  • Drawing pins
  • Water
Year 3
Forces and magnets
Sand slide investigation

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