Levers: seesaws

In this lesson pack for year 5, linking to the topic forces, pupils will carry out a fair test. They will learn what independent variables, control variables and dependent variables are. Pupils will make their own seesaw and find out how levers work. They will then test what happens if the rod isn’t attached to the fulcrum at its middle point. Where would they need to place the second weight for the lever to be balanced?

This lesson pack includes:

  • A differentiated lesson plan with cross-curricular links
  • A PowerPoint presentation explaining the different variables and how to carry out a fair test
  • Results table and squared paper for a line graph.
  • Instructions to make a simple seesaw

Simple to resource! The items you will need:

  • Ruler
  • Pin
  • Kitchen roll tube
  • Sticky tape
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Paper straws
  • 100 g weights or Plasticine (rolled into balls weighing around 100 g each)
Year 5
Forces and magnets
Levers: seesaws

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