Thank you, science heroes!

It goes without saying that we are immensely grateful for the incredible efforts of medics and everyone who works for the NHS, and we want to extend our thanks to include all SCIENCE HEROES who are working especially hard at the moment. 

From clinical research scientists working on vaccines and cures, to engineers keeping our infrastructure up and running, to behaviour analysts working on how to ease lockdown, thousands of SCIENCE HEROES are using their amazing skills to keep the country running during the pandemic. 

We want to show them how grateful we are, so here’s an awesome poster by Whizz Pop Bang’s brilliant illustrator Clive Goodyer to print, colour and display! Find it here: – scroll down the page to find it in a few different sizes.

Are you a scientist key worker? We would LOVE to know what important work our readers’ families are involved in during the COVID-19 crisis!  👇

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Watch a water spider in action!

Can spiders breath underwater?

If you’re wondering how arachnids breathe underwater, you won’t believe this spider’s amazing trick!

Perhaps you’ve been reading about this smart insect in Whizz Pop Bang 56: Splash! Want to find out more? It’s on sale in our science shop!

Tiny water spiders spend their lives underwater, even though they need to breathe air! They collect large air bubbles from the surface and carry them underwater. The bubbles absorb oxygen from the water, meaning each can last more than a day! If you catch one pond dipping, look for a silvery air bubble clinging to its hairy body.

This water spider, or diving bell spider, has a nifty trick for breathing underwater!

Now that you’ve discovered how water spiders breathe underwater, why not show a friend and amaze them with this fascinating piece of nature?

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