Awesomely amazing plants and animals!

Have you been reading 10 Awesomely Amazing Explosions in the Wild in Whizz Pop Bang: Explosive Science? Or are you intrigued by bombardier beetles and curious about squirting cucumbers? Then scroll on, because we have got some incredible videos for you!

Find out more about awesomely amazing explosions in the wild in Whizz Pop Bang’s EXPLOSIVE SCIENCE issue!

From spreading their seeds to escaping from predators, there are all sorts of reasons for wildlife to burst, boom and blast. See some of these incredible exploding creatures and plants in action here! 

When under threat, Bombardier beetles mix two chemicals together in its abdomen, causing an explosive reaction that fires out jets of boiling toxic liquid. This makes a predator vomit the beetle out to safety!

Watch what happens when an unlucky toad eats a bombardier beetle, capable of shooting out jets of boiling toxic liquid:

This video shows the poisonous squirting cucumber detaching from its stem and firing seeds explosively at the touch of a finger:

You wouldn’t want to find a squirting cucumber in your salad – it’s poisonous!

The dung-dwelling pilobolus fungus uses a ‘squirt gun’ mechanism to fire its spores far and wide. The spores that land on plants are eaten by cows and then pooed out, and the cycle begins again!

See pilobolus fungus’s ‘squirt gun’ mechanism in action here.

The dynamite tree has toxic, pumpkin-shaped pods that explode with a loud ‘boom’, shooting out seeds at speeds of over 200 km/h!

Read more about exploding ants and termites, pistol shrimp, Himalayan Balsam, hairy bittercress exploding beached whales and more in 10 Awesomely Amazing Explosions in the Wild in Whizz Pop Bang: Explosive Science, on sale now!

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