Oobleck in action!

Have you been reading the interview with Kate Biberdorf in Whizz Pop Bang’s KABOOM: EXPLOSIVE SCIENCE issue where she tells us how to make oobleck? Or perhaps you just want to watch an oobleck slime video? Here’s the non-Newtonian, gloopy, sticky, drippy stuff in action!

The Slow Mo Guys made some oobleck (check out our recipe below), coloured it red, put it on a speaker, turned on some music and filmed the gloopy fluid dancing. It looks unreal!

Wondering: what is oobleck? Kate Biberdorf says:

“If you mix water and cornflour in a bowl, you can make this freaky non-Newtonian fluid. It’s one of the craziest things to hold because the oobleck will drip through your fingers even though the solid feels like a solid.”

Here is the Whizz Pop Bang recipe for oobleck:

Mix 225 g of cornflour with around 230 ml of water (and a few drops of food colouring, if you like). This will create a goo that feels liquid when you handle it gently, but solid if you hit it with a spoon.

Watch the whole video here:

Find out more in Whizz Pop Bang: Explosive Science, on sale now!

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