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Science trousers!

What could be better than curling up on the sofa with your favourite magazine? Young Arthur has the answer to that question, when it comes to reading his favourite magazine it’s all about wearing the right clothes too.

Whizz Pop Bang reader wearing science trousers made by his Mum

“I really really love your magazine. Receiving it is the thing I look forward to the most. I love it so much I asked my mum to make some science clothing for me…. so this month I got to enjoy reading your magazine wearing my science trousers. If you look closely you will see planets, microscopes and anything a scientist will need. In fact I think it actually has all of your science equipment hidden on it!
Thank you for the magazine.”
Arthur (age 6)

Arthur’s Mum followed up with this lovely message, and news of more science-lovers in the family…

“Arthur absolutely loves science and pours over your magazines all the time. In fact he took the issue ‘Going underground’ down to a caving friend (who has done a lot of work on Wookiee hole) the other day and showed him. Both Arthur and my caving friend were occupied reading your magazine for the next few hours. Thank you so so much for it. 
I have also had to make Arthur’s sister some science clothes because she is becoming as excited as Arthur about the magazines and she is only 2! He will sit down and read them to both his sister and brother as soon as they arrive! Best magazine ever!
Thank you”
How adorable is this photo of Arthur’s little sister in her science dress!
little girl wearing science dress
Arthur’s little sister experimenting, wearing her science-themed dress 🙂

Thank you to Arthur, his Mum and sister for sending in this glowing review for Whizz Pop Bang 🙂

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