COMPETITION CLOSED Crayola Colour Explosion packs!

This month’s Whizz Pop Bang magazine is all about explosions so to celebrate, we’re giving away some arty kits that allow children to create explosions of colour!

Cover of Whizz Pop Bang magazine's new issue: KABOOM! Explosive Science to blow your mind!
The EXPLOSIVE SCIENCE issue of Whizz Pop Bang is packed with science that booms, bangs and bursts!

Create wild and surprising effects and watch as swirls of rainbow colour magically appear as you draw with this Crayola Colour Explosion set! The unique colour-reveal markers work with the special Colour Explosion paper to reveal hidden swirls of rainbow colours and amazing designs. Each set includes lots of multicoloured pages, two colour-reveal marker pens and a stencil.

We’ve got ten sets to give away to ten lucky Whizz Pop Bang fans! Just answer this question in the comments to be in with a chance of winning:

Which of these words can be used to describe a horse with irregular patches of two colours on its coat?

  1. Pie face
  2. Pie crust
  3. Piebald

This competition closes at midnight on 2nd December 2019. For full terms and conditions visit

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