COMPETITION CLOSED: Win an Ohbot robot for your school!

Become a robotics engineer and a master coder with the amazing Ohbot – the 20 cm tall robot head that can be programmed to move, blink, look around, speak and more.

Connect Ohbot to a computer then use programming software, including Scratch and Python, to make it do whatever you like (almost!)

Ohbot robots are a fantastic addition to any classroom and a brilliant way for children to learn about both block and text-based programming.

The lovely people at Ohbot have given us TWO Ohbot 2.1 robots (assembled or in kit form) to give away to two deserving teachers! Find out how to enter below…

(By the way, the other little robot in the video is Picoh and we’re giving away three of those, too! Find out how to enter in Whizz Pop Bang: Robots Rock.)

To enter the competition, nominate a teacher or school that has gone above and beyond during the pandemic in the comments.

This competition closes at midnight on 30th June 2021. For full terms and conditions visit Each winner will be offered the choice of an assembled Ohbot 2.1, or an Ohbot 2.1 kit.

Find out everything you need to know about Ohbot and Picoh here!

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45 thoughts on “COMPETITION CLOSED: Win an Ohbot robot for your school!”

  • Liberton Primary, Edinburgh. School suffered a fire in Feb 2020, just as everyone was getting settled, distributed around different local schools, lockdown hit. The whole staff team is awesome.

  • I would like to nominate my teacher Mr Willets from Shebbear College. Mr Willetts has been our rock, he has been there for all of us in our class, no matter how small or big the problems have been. He is very patient especially when it comes to our science projects as they often end up in huge messes. He alway encourages us to do the best we can and have fun doing it. Mr Willetts is the most caring teacher I have met.

  • Alexis Morley says:

    Mr. Wallace and Mrs Plow at St Fagans primary, Cardiff, for working so hard throughout the last year, and helping the children settle back in with lots of fun, interesting activities and care.

  • Michelle Parkin-Kelly says:

    Chorlton Park Primary in Manchester have been so supportive. From providing resources for child mental health, to supplementing the government’s meagre school meal delivery with fresh, healthy produce, the staff and teachers have really come through for the community and the children. Mrs Habershon is the Head of EYFS and KS1 and her online assemblies were inspiring to the parents as much as the kids!

  • Emma Gorton says:

    Mrs Skelly-Regis at St Michael’s Junior school in Aldershot. It has been a tricky year and the teachers have had so much to deal with but nothing is ever too much for her. She is so kind, caring and helpful and always has ideas of how to help your child if they are struggling etc.

  • Tesla Cavill says:

    Mrs Bowen and Mrs Thomas from Westways Primary School in Sheffield.
    Tesla’s teachers have supported her in such a kind, caring and personal way throughout the pandemic. They have made her feel listened to and important despite having so many other children to look out for and we couldn’t be happier with the support we have received as parents too.

    “I am so happy with my life and I love going to school” Tesla age 8

  • I’d like to nominate Glenfrome Primary School for looking out for the welfare of the children and families as well as their learning.

  • I would like to nominate my school called Walnut Tree walk primary school in London. I love it and all the teachers are nice and helpful. They always make sure we understand everything and the lessons are fun. I like all the teachers!

  • I would like to nominate Green Lane Primary Academy. All teachers and support staff have been brilliant and with it being my daughter’s final year there she would like to particularly nominate her teacher Mrs Coates who is the science lead for the school.

  • Helen Shawcross says:

    Whaley Bridge Primary School. They checked in on how the children were feeling and tried to make the lessons as fun as possible. They also made sure the class could all stay in touch with each other easily so they didn’t feel isolated. SENCO were brilliant with my son and sent activities through the post to help with his dyspraxia for when his therapy lessons couldn’t go ahead.

  • Katrina Garcia says:

    I would like to nominate Denby Dale First and Nursery school to win an ohbot. They have done exceptionally well at keeping children and staff safe yet motivated throughout the pandemic. We are so lucky! Thank you.

  • Vicki Sumner says:

    I would like to nominate dringhouses primary school in York as during the last lockdown they provided a mobile book bus so that all the children had access to reading books every week.

  • I would like to nominate Lawford Mead Primary School in Chelmsford, Essex. Their support for families and the children’s learning during lockdown didn’t waiver. They even looked like they enjoyed all the zoom calls!

  • I would like to nominate the Boston West Academy Boston Lincolnshire. All the teacher have been fantastic. They have all worked so hard through this pandemic.

  • Jean Little says:

    I would like to nominate Bosley St Mary’s CofE Primary School as the staff have worked tirelessly to help (and succeeded ) to keep all the children safe throughout the pandemic. It is a small rural school which would greatly appreciate such a wonderful prize to help enrich the children in their education.

  • I nominate Cumwhinton Primary School, Cumbria. The staff have been brilliant and have welcomed my kids when they started part way through the year.

  • I would like to nominate the school I work in, Kiwi Primary in Bulford. My colleagues have done a sterling job of supporting the children not only through a pandemic but through a lot of military deployment at the same time!

  • Karyn Bickers says:

    I would like to nominate my son’s school Rustington Community Primary in Rustington West Sussex as they are fantastic school and have been truly amazing throughout this post year.

  • I would like to nominate St Ursula’s E-act Academy from Bristol.
    All the teachers there have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to keep all of their students happy and safe.

  • Jenny Lewsley says:

    I’d like to nominate Crowthorne C of E primary school – brilliant support for my Reception and Year 2 boys all through this crazy crazy year!

  • Emma Barham says:

    I would like to nominate Miss Flower. Y3 teacher and deputy head at Cherry tree primary school Lymm. She has nurtured all the children in her class during the pandemic, helping them to achieve their full potential and making learning fun.

  • Could I nominate Laurel Lane Primary in West Drayton please? The teachers have gone above and beyond with making sure all the children had access to learning materials during the height of the pandemic, including putting themselves at risk by venturing out to hand delivery items to students in need or who were struggling with the online lessons.

  • I would like to nominate Dulwich Wood Primary School in London. Unfortunately during the pandemic, especially in lockdown I had to have a major operation. What the teachers don’t realise is that all their zoom lessons kept me and my daughter from great despair. The teachers made their lessons fun and exciting that for those few hours I managed to forget I was in pain. The school ha such a lovely warm fun environment for learning and the teachers are superb. Thank you Dulwich wood!!!

  • Sarah Thelen says:

    I would like to nominate Miss Carr from Dovedale Primary School Liverpool, who started her first year as a class teacher and did an amazing job during this pandemic. I think all the teachers did an amazing job!

  • Jenny Rehaag says:

    St Uny Academy were brilliant during the pandemic, providing a wide range of fun learning for all the children at home and making sure the key worker children had a great time learning in their pods.

  • Catherine B says:

    Carrington Primary School in Nottingham have been amazing, supporting & encouraging the children throughout the pandemic.

  • Rebekah Nelson-Stanley says:

    I would like to nominate the pre-school/reception/office team and Angie (before school care and cook) from Abbotsford Prep School, Manchester. All the staff have been wonderful throughout the pandemic. Our daughter was unfortunately one of the children who has had to attend school throughout this and she has been so well supported and cared for by the staff.

  • Holly Ellen says:

    I would like to nominate Parkside Primary School in Heathfield. They have worked so hard making sure the children had access to school lessons and supplies during the pandemic. They worked all hours of the day (they were marking work at midnight!) and always had the childrens interests at heart. My daughter is quite behind with her reading and writing and the pandemic really did set her back more, but her teacher has done so much to offer encouragement and show my daughters worth and there are no words to show how grateful we all are.

  • We’d like to nominate Mrs Hann-Perkins at Preshute Primary School in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Fantastic support from the whole team, headed up by Mrs HP. The weekly video messages from her and her dog, Baymax, were a highlight!

  • I would like to nominate Christ Church Primary School in Cheltenham. All the teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty, marking all work every day and providing motivating feedback, sourcing fantastic digital content to keep everyone engaged. One teacher wrote a book through lockdown sharing chapters with his class, others have made films with the kids and used their own time to edit and share. They have been brilliant. CCPS is a small school and buying tech like this is not in their budget range, so this would be fantastic!

  • Rosemary Bird-Hawkins says:

    The TAs at Stoborough Primary School who all really stepped up and went above and beyond to care for and educate those key worker children still in school during lockdown in January. Also, the teachers at Stoborough Primary School who worked tirelessly on the remote learning systems picking up new skills and not only setting lessons but providing feedback to every single child. They are all amazing.

  • I nominate Condorrat Primary School in Cumbernauld for posting fun work during the pandemic and for all the brilliant STEM activities they do every Friday.

  • Abigail & Kitty L. says:

    We’d like to nominate White Laith Primary School in Leeds. The staff were quick to adjust and provide a safe learning environment and flexible learning materials for those who were home schooling. They did an amazing job!

  • Joanne Vincent-Spall says:

    I would like to nominate Crofton Hammond Infant school in Stubbington. All of the teachers and the headteacher have gone above and beyond during the pandemic.

  • Cailean Ferguson says:

    I would like to nominate Darnley Primary school in Glasgow and especially Mrs Coull who us super passionate about STEM

  • Suria jones says:

    I would like to nominate West Lodge School in Sidcup. The staff were so quick to respond to all the last minute changes by the government and the kids continue to thrive. Particular thanks to Mrs Collins and Mrs Calland for giving the reception class a completely wonderful year despite the pandemic. They were also so thoughtful and even gave the parents a lovely welcome back poem and tea gift in March!

  • Gemma Daltrey says:

    I would like to nominate The Robert Drake Primary School in Benfleet, Essex. All the teachers there are fantastic and have worked so hard during the pandemic.

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