Science Reporter Badge

Earn Your Science Reporter Badge! 

Science communication is an important skill to learn so that you can tell the world about your scientific discoveries in a way that everyone can understand. To earn your Whizz Pop Bang Science Reporter badge, simply complete JUST ONE of the following options...

1)  Write a science review 

Your review could be about a science book, science museum or science event that you’ve been to. Why not take some notes as you go along and then use these to write up a full report? You could take some photos or video too if you like.

2)  Science news report

Create a report on a scientific news story – this could be a written report or you could film a video or audio news report and send us a link to it online. Make sure you do some research into the story to find out the facts and present them in an interesting way with a catchy headline!

3) Report on an experiment

Write or record a report about a science experiment. It could be an experiment that you’ve done yourself or one that you’ve seen reported in the news. Try to explain why and how the experiment was done, as well as reporting on the results and conclusions.

Here's how to apply for your badge:

1.   Download the Science Reporter application form. Complete one of the tasks described on the first page of the form. 

2.   Ask your parent or guardian to pay the £1-per-badge postage and packing fee, which can be done online at Add the order confirmation number to the second page of the application form.

3.  Ask your parent or guardian to print out and fill in the second page of the form. If you don't have a printer, your parent can type the answers into an email or write them on a plain piece of paper and send us a photograph of it.

4.   Send us the completed form, along with your science report and any photos, drawings or links to video or audio files. You can photograph or scan your materials and email them to with the subject line as ‘Science Reporter Badge’. Alternatively, post your completed application to Science Reporter Badge, Whizz Pop Bang, Unit 7, Global Business Park, 14 Wilkinson Road, Cirencester, GL7 1YZ. Please note that it can take up to 12 weeks for delivery of the badges.


TEACHERS, find out about earning Science Reporter certificates and stickers for your whole class here.


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