Y's Wonder Club

Welcome to Y's Wonder Club!

This club is for you to share your adventures in science with our robot, Y, and other Whizz Pop Bang readers. Download your printable Wonder Club membership certificate here (1.8 MB)!

To get involved with the club, simply send your experiments, ideas, photos, reviews and questions to or Y, Whizz Pop Bang, Unit 7, Global Business Park, 14 Wilkinson Rd, Cirencester GL7 1YZ.

A selection will be published in Whizz Pop Bang. Everyone whose name is printed in the magazine receives a free gift!

We also have enamel pin Wonder Club badges available in our online shop, along with Whizz Pop Bang lab coats, science scrapbooks and more – all with free UK delivery!


Collectible enamel pin badges for you to earn

These extra special badges are not available to purchase – you have to earn them...


Wildlife Watcher Badge
Earn your awesome Wildlife Watcher badge by telling us about some of the ways that you've helped or watched wildlife. Click here to find out more...

Super Scientist Badge

Earn your Super Scientist badge by getting curious! Think up a question, investigate it and record your results and conclusions. Click here to find out more... 

Eco Hero Badge

Earn your Eco Hero badge by helping the environment! Upcycle something, make an environmentally friendly change and help to raise awareness. Click here to find out more... 

Eco Hero Badge

Epic Engineer Badge

Think like an engineer to earn an Epic Engineer badge! Identify a problem, design a solution, get building, then test and improve your design. Click here to find out more... 

Epic Engineer Badge

Science Reporter Badge

Tell the world about some scientific discoveries or science books or events! To earn your Whizz Pop Bang Science Reporter badge, simply send us your report or review. Click here to find out more... 

Science Reporter Badge


TEACHERS, find out about earning Y's Wonder Club certificates and stickers for your whole class here.


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