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Issue 66

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Explore the links between science and art inside this colourful edition of Whizz Pop Bang – discover the awesome art forms found in nature, examine the way our eyes see colour and find out about artists who use science to create their masterpieces. Being creative is an important part of being a scientist because it helps you to come up with innovative solutions to scientific problems. So, get creating! Experiment with stunning salt art, build a balancing sculptural mobile, make an eco-friendly art kit and investigate viscosity with some dribbly drip art!

You can also learn about the science of street art when we show you the workings of a spray paint canister, find out about Maria Sibylla Merian who discovered the life cycles of insects, take a look at repeating fractal patterns in art and nature and meet Willard Wigan who creates extraordinary micro art that’s so tiny, you need a microscope to see it! Find out all about the fearsome tiger and its beautiful markings, engineer a card featuring a stunning pop-up peacock’s tail, mix up your own paint, investigate DIY glue and boggle your brain as you learn to draw optical illusions!

Tagged in: Colour & Light, Indoor experiments, Materials

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