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Issue 67

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We’re blasting off on a virtual mission to find out all about Mars this issue! There are loads of awesome Martian activities for you to try down here on Earth – experiment with chemical reactions to create rusty Martian dust, amaze your family by boiling water at room temperature, grow your own Martian biosphere in a jar, cut, fold and stick a balloon-powered Mars lander, work out your weight on Mars and set up a kitchen-based experiment to search for signs of life!

You’ll also find out about the incredible mission of the Perseverance rover, discover awesome astronomer Johannes Kepler, meet a Mars rover engineer who controls spacecraft from Earth and take a close-up look at thorny devils – the super-spiky desert-dwelling animals who can survive extreme heat and dryness. We’ll introduce you to ten awesomely amazing Martian tourist attractions – from mega-mountains to colossal canyons and you can tackle our Seven Minutes of Terror Challenge to get a feel for what the Perseverance Rover has to go through in its approach to Earth! Hours of home-based Martian science fun for Earthlings everywhere!

Tagged in: Engineering, Space, Stars and Planets, Indoor experiments

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