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Issue 68

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Take a look at some of the world’s most grisly guests inside this itchy edition of Whizz Pop Bang! Meet mind-controlling parasites that encourage mice to cosy up with cats, parasitic plants that suck up others’ nutrients and even some useful parasites, such as wasps that help farmers protect their cotton plants. There’s also plenty of parasitic science fun to be had too – get busy engineering a flea catapult, play a parasitic battle card game and make wiggling paper worms – and that’s just scratching the surface of what’s inside!

There’s a parasite ‘fact or fiction’ quiz that will put your parasite knowledge to the test, a peek inside a water treatment plant, a bird’s-eye look at the cheeky cuckoo’s nest-stealing habits, a water filter to construct and the chance to grow yourself a tasty snack from saved tomato seeds as part of Emmi’s Eco Club. You can also meet Professor James Logan, a scientist who uses body odour to prevent the spread of deadly diseases and read the inspiring story of Alice Ball, who had developed a treatment for leprosy by the time she was 23.

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Minibeasts, Pets

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