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This issue we’re travelling back in time to explore the epic engineering achievements of the radical Romans! As well as marvelling at their impressive designing, building and inventing skills, we’re also looking into their unusual toileting habits in our Silly Science page! There are loads of Roman makes and experiments this issue – make your own Roman writing tablet, construct a clever miniature catapult, take our aqueduct engineering challenge and bake a triumphal cake arch.

You can also make mock Roman coins, discover the predator that Romans used as a symbol of power and courage: the majestic eagle, find out how onager catapults work and cut out and make three paper bridges to test which is the strongest. You’ll get to learn how Hypatia used her amazing mathematical brain to teach and inspire Romans, discover ten awesomely amazing things the Romans did for us (including recycling, rabbits, reading, writing and more!) and meet a Civil Engineer who designs bridges for her job.

Carpe diem!

Tagged in: Engineering, Fossils, Archaeology and Dinosaurs, Indoor experiments, Historical topics

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