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Issue 70

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There’s oodles of science fun to sink your gnashers into this issue! Cut out and make a chart to keep track of your adult teeth, play a wibbly wobbly tooth board game, investigate the effects of different liquids on tooth structures and experiment with a chemical reaction that produces a mass of foaming paste fit for elephants’ tusks.

You can also make a model of your mouth, craft a shark pop-up card and create an eco-friendly mini garden, perfect for visiting tooth fairies. Discover the secrets of venomous vipers and their fang-tastic teeth, find out how electric toothbrushes leave your teeth squeaky clean and meet Pierre Fauchard who transformed the way that teeth are cared for. Discover ten terrifying types of teeth, including some that are bright orange, meet Martin Nweeia, a dentist who also studies narwhals’ tusks and take a close-up look at a crocodile smile!

We’ve been chomping at the bit to get this edition of Whizz Pop Bang to you!

Tagged in: Human body, Adaptation & Evolution, Indoor experiments

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