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20-issue library bundle

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This bundle of 20 magazines is a great way to kickstart your school or homeschool Whizz Pop Bang library collection, featuring a great range of magazines, covering topics from both lower and upper key stage 2.

Issue 19, FASCINATING FAMILIES: unearth amazing connections in science and nature
Issue 20, TURN UP THE VOLUME: the supersonic science of sound
Issue 26, SUPER SEEDS: cracking open the secrets of how plants spread
Issue 27, SPECTACULAR SKELETONS: the brilliant science of bones
Issue 33, PURR-FECT PETS: science to get your tail wagging
Issue 34, SHOCKING SCIENCE: get the buzz on electricity
Issue 37, JUMPING JUNGLES: trek into the tropics on a journey of discovery
Issue 40, BUG-TASTIC BACTERIA: the good, the bad and the unbelievable
Issue 43, I LOVE SCIENCE: get pumped up about hearts!
Issue 44, QUAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL: the science of our active planet
Issue 46, EYE SPY: a close-up look at the science of sight
Issue 55, ANCIENT EGYPT: the hidden science of mummies and pyramids!
Issue 57, ROCK ON: mining the science of rocks and minerals
Issue 58, AMAZING GRAZING: swishing through the science of grass
Issue 59, PLAYGROUND SCIENCE: the fun of the park in your home
Issue 62, OVER THE MOON: Launch into lunar science
Issue 64, FIRE! FIRE! Set your mind ablaze with some fiery science
Issue 67, MISSION TO MARS: prepare for lift off to the red planet
Issue 69, RADICAL ROMANS: science and engineering in ancient Rome
Issue 70, TERRIFIC TEETH: tuck into some bite-sized science

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