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Issue 72

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Insects are a vital part of life here on Earth, but their numbers are in decline. In this issue you’ll learn all about their life cycles and habitats and how we can try to protect them. There are also lots of ideas about how to make insect collectors to investigate the bugs in your own backyard!

You can get busy making fluttering paper butterflies, flapping moths and cuddly sock insects. Plus, take our Silly Science quiz to find out if you’re a bee-rilliant bee, a plucky pond skater or something else entirely! You can also meet a dung beetle expert, take a close-up look at ants, discover the science of how simple cogs can control power in an article about how bike gears work, and find out about terrific termite expert Margaret S. Collins.

Tagged in: Minibeasts, Adaptation & Evolution, Environment, Outdoor experiments

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