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Issue 73

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We’re exploring the dazzling world of deserts this issue! Carry out an experiment to find out how cactus plants keep their cool, mix up some tasty edible sand and create a stackable food chain. You can also discover the science behind mysterious mirages, create a recycled sandcastle kit and craft a delightful desert diorama!

Puzzle over the animals whose amazing adaptations help them to survive in the driest places on Earth, meet magnificent meerkats, the mini mongooses who take it in turns to stand guard for their pack and read about Ralph Alger Bagnold, who explored North African deserts over 100 years ago. You can also find out about desert field scientist Mindi Lehew, who is helping to protect the home of the gigantic saguaro cactus.

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Plants, Earth Sciences, Environment, Water

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