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Engineering bundle

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This engineering bundle is packed full of activities to get children inventing, designing and building.

It’s playtime here at Whizz Pop Bang with our PLAYGROUND SCIENCE edition! Create miniature play parks for your toys. Zoom them down a zippy zipwire, swoosh them in a swing and balance them on a seesaw, all in the name of science, of course! Then, get active with a plastic bag skipping rope, find out how a carousel works and make an awesome zoetrope that turns images into mini movie clips.

Travel back in time to explore the epic engineering achievements of the RADICAL ROMANS! As well as marvelling at their impressive designing, building and inventing skills, we’re also looking into their unusual toileting habits! There is loads to do – make a Roman writing tablet, construct a clever miniature catapult, take our aqueduct engineering challenge and bake a triumphal cake arch.

Join us in our ROBOTS ROCK! Edition and discover how robots are already helping with thousands of jobs all over the world! You can construct a scribbling DoodleBot, create your own robot coding game, engineer a robotic arm and cut out and make a springy-armed version of our favourite robot Y! You can also meet a space robot designer whose work includes a robotic arm for the ISS!

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