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Issue 77

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Use science wizardry to conjure up 12 peculiar potions! Create a crazy colour-changing concoction, mix fizz-popping powder that sets off chemical reactions inside your mouth, send colours flying across the surface of milk and explore what appear to be invisible kraken eggs! You can also make a starry ‘crystal ball’, some gurgling gloop, a liquid rainbow, a magic chocolate shell and lots more!

Inside the magazine, you’ll also find an explosive pop-up card with a chemistry twist, some colour-changing animals and an interview with a food scientist who specialises in weird and wonderful taste sensations. Hold your nose for a close-up look at skunks, find out how smoke alarms work, create magical bath salts, learn how Robert Boyle paved the way for modern chemistry and find out about some medical potions that are better left in the past – loads of Fizz, Bubble, Booming festive fun!

Tagged in: Indoor experiments, Kitchen experiments, Magic, Christmas

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