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Issue 79

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We’re braving the storms to explore some of the world’s wildest weather in this breezy edition of Whizz Pop Bang! From hurricanes to blizzards and heatwaves to flooding, the weather can get pretty intense at times. Find out what causes these weather patterns, and then get busy recording the weather wherever you live with our handy weather station to cut out and make. You can also create a mini tornado and lightning bolt at home too!

Take a look at brilliant brollies, debunk some whacky weather myths, find out about waterproof ducks and use some old packaging to make an awesome anemometer to measure wind speed. Discover ten weird weather events, from raining frogs to spinning waterspouts, meet meteorologist John Law who works in the Antarctic, investigating climate change, and find out how Dr Joanne Simpson became NASA’s top weather scientist.

It’s a whirlwind of science exploration!

Tagged in: Earth Sciences, Electricity, Environment

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