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Atoms are the tiny particles that make up everything in the known universe, so it’s no wonder that scientists love to study them! Inside this edition of Whizz Pop Bang, you can learn all about these fascinating particles and try out some awesome experiments – use flame tests to identify elements, split water molecules using electricity, trap oxygen gas in foam and much more!

There’s also a periodic table poster to pull out and stick on your wall, a fun edible molecule activity and the chance to upcycle junk mail into colourful paper beads, then use them to make jewellery and keyrings. You can discover how pencils work, take our fun personality quiz to find out which element you are, dive into the ocean to wonder at wibbly-wobbly jellyfish and explore 10 extraordinary elements, from glowing neon and magical mercury to the world’s biggest gold nugget!

You’ll also get to read an interview with Sudan Paramesvaran who is helping to discover what the universe is made of as part of the world’s largest experiment, and you can find out how Dmitri Mendeleev came up with the idea for the periodic table.

Tagged in: Electricity, Indoor experiments, Kitchen experiments, Materials, Water

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