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Issue 81

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This issue, we’re crawling into the often weird and wonderful life of babies… from baby animals that are born being able to walk, to babies that spend time developing in eggs inside their dads’ mouths! There are also lots of activities to try: extract the fat from cows’ milk to make butter, craft a bouncing baby bunny, investigate the strength of eggs and build your own bird’s nest!

You can also find out how ultrasound scanners allow us to peek at unborn babies, try our Silly Science puzzle of matching youngsters to their animal parents, get hopping with kangaroos and marvel at a spinning optical illusion. You’ll discover some of the strangest pregnancies in the animal kingdom (including a toad that keeps its eggs under its skin!), you can recycle a bottle to make an awesome Easter basket, hang out with Dr Yenny Saraswati and some orphaned orangutans and meet Rosalind Franklin who helped uncover the structure of DNA.

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Human body, Pets

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