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Issue 86

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Almost all of us have been helped by the marvels of medicine, so in this edition of Whizz Pop Bang we’re looking at common illnesses and finding out how medicines can help to treat them. You’ll get to test out your surgical skills by stitching up a banana, compare your lung size with friends, and you can even learn about what’s inside your stomach by making fake vomit!

Find out about some amazing medical advances of the future, look inside an inhaler to discover how they help millions of people with asthma and meet lovely, long-necked llamas, the animals with disease-busting nanobodies!

Cut out a body poster and have a go at sticking all the body parts in the right places, stuff some old socks with medicinal plants to make a mini mascot, read an interview with TV’s Dr Chris van Tulleken and discover how Dr Edward Jenner developed the world’s first vaccine, saving millions of lives.

Tagged in: Human body, Indoor experiments

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