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Christmas Holiday Bundle

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Fill your Christmas holidays with science fun with these festive editions of Whizz Pop Bang!

This bundle of three magazines contains:

• Issue 77: Fizz, Bubble, Boom!
Use science wizardry to conjure up 12 peculiar potions! Create a crazy colour-changing concoction, mix fizz-popping powder that sets off chemical reactions inside your mouth, send colours flying across the surface of milk and explore what appear to be invisible kraken eggs! You can also make a starry ‘crystal ball’, some gurgling gloop, a liquid rainbow, a magic chocolate shell and lots more!

• Issue 41: Jingle Bell Rock
Get experimenting with an orchestra of awesome instruments! Have a go at making everything from pin strummers to full-on drum kits – you can even make your own kazoo! Find out why songs get stuck in your head, meet a percussionist who hears through vibrations and get the low down on ear-splittingly noisy donkeys – everything you need for a merry musical Christmas!

• Issue 53: Science Superpowers
Discover some of the surprising science facts behind the science-fiction worlds of comic book superheroes! Explore the superpowers found in nature and then test out your own superpowers by bending water, experimenting with invisibility and making a toy Father Christmas who uses friction to climb his way up a piece of string!

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