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Issue 89

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Unwrap the secret science of Christmas inside this festive edition of Whizz Pop Bang!

Find out why you feel sleepy after eating turkey, why the flames on Christmas puddings burn blue and why Brussel sprouts make you fart! Discover the secrets of Rudolph’s relatives, find out how Whizz Pop Bang magazines are made, read about Margherita Hack, the astrophysicist who made some stellar discoveries about stars, meet a penguin scientist, have some festive fun with brain-bending puzzles and discover ten awesomely amazing Christmas science facts, from Christmas crackers to mistletoe and carol singing!

There are also twelve fantastic festive activities to try...

1. Engineer a balloon-powered reindeer
2. Build a Christmas card tower
3. Freeze some icy decorations
4. Cook up some edible lava
5. Grow hanging crystal decorations
6. Experiment with a disappearing snowman
7. Bend a candy cane
8. Move water with fire
9. Take a blind taste test
10. Bake stained-glass biscuits
11. Craft a fun flexagon toy
12. Turn kitchen scraps into festive treats for birds

Tagged in: Kitchen experiments, Indoor experiments, Christmas

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