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Static electricity powers thunderstorms, makes clingfilm clingy and sets our hair on end when we take off woolly clothing. Find out how it works and then harness its power to charm a paper snake, roll a can, spin an umbrella, sail a boat, bend a stream of water and make a jellyfish fly!

You’ll also get to discover ten shockingly electric animals, find out how LEDs light up our homes, learn how electric eels stun their prey, read all about Benjamin Franklin and meet a scientist who chases electric storms as part of her job. We show you how to make a set of juggling balls from balloons in Emmi’s Eco Club, you’ll get to race around a thunderous board game avoiding the lightning in Silly Science, you can also find out how plasma balls work and even create miniature lightning streaks inside your mouth!

Tagged in: Electricity, Indoor experiments, Earth Sciences

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