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Discover terrifying war machines, test Parthenon pillars and find out how to see behind your own back in this ancient Greek edition of Whizz Pop Bang! The ancient Greeks are famous for being fantastic philosophers, but lots of them were also incredible inventors and super scientists too. Marvel at some of their greatest achievements, and laugh out loud at some of their whackiest ideas – some Greeks believed that lambs grew on trees!

Get busy engineering a water clock, making a marble maze and crafting a Greek theatre. Discover ten awesomely amazing ancient Greek inventions, including an early steam engine, the Olympic Games and the yo-yo! Find out how an alarm clock works, read about Aristotle and meet a ssssuper snake expert who works at London Zoo. Plus, the ancient Greeks loved dogs almost as much as we do – find out why paw-some pups make the perfect pets.

Tagged in: Historical topics, Engineering, Pets

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