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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to meet a real-life dinosaur? These epic animals ruled the world for many millions of years, but luckily for us none of them are alive today. This issue we’re investigating the disappearance of the dinos, with some fun experiments to try along the way – you’ll get to eat a fossil-filled strata sandwich, use chemistry to erupt a fizzling volcano and make your own replica fossils!

Take a close-up look at T. rex – the massive meat eater with a seriously powerful bite, make a strata-inspired plant pot and a mini greenhouse and meet an extinction expert who works in a dinosaur museum. Find out about William Smith, a scientist who turned his discoveries into an amazing map and put your knowledge to the test in our Silly Science extinction quiz – did frilled sharks, turtles and ammonites survive the extinction? Plus, discover ten weird and wonderful extinction ideas – might dinosaurs have farted themselves to death?!

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Fossils, Archaeology and Dinosaurs, Earth Sciences

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