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Issue 95

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Venture inside some of the world’s craziest machines in this monster edition of Whizz Pop Bang! Discover vehicles bigger than buildings, cranes that can lift the weight of two Eiffel Towers and a popcorn machine the size of a house! There are also monster machines for you to make at home – engineer a pulley system for your teddies, build an extending cardboard grabber, make a vehicle using vegetable wheels and craft a turning crank shaft.

Climb aboard a combine harvester to find out how these mega farming machines work, discover how soaring albatrosses have inspired engineers to make more efficient flying machines and make an upcycled picture frame from cardboard and pressed flowers. Read an interview with a mechanical engineer who makes robots, meet Enedina Alves Marques, the first Black woman to earn an engineering degree in Brazil and fill in the blanks to create a one-of-a-kind ridiculous robot tale!

Tagged in: Engineering, Forces

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