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Issue 96

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Seasides aren’t just about surfing, snorkelling and sandcastle building, there’s loads of science to discover too! Make a model rock pool and create ocean waves in a bottle as you discover the secrets of coasts inside this summery edition of Whizz Pop Bang!

Cut and thread a handy guide to seashells to identify your own collection, craft an eco-friendly beach bag to bring some seaside vibes to your home town and discover ten awesomely amazing coastal landforms. Learn how to harness the power of breaking waves whilst surfing, meet a marine biologist who goes scuba diving as part of her job, and read about brilliant scientist Pierre-Simon Laplace who used maths to explain how tides work. Find out what causes the tides and try some seawall engineering, plus take a close-up look at starfish – did you know they can regrow body parts?!

Tagged in: Earth Sciences, Water

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