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Issue 98

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Could there be aliens out there somewhere? Given the humongous size of the universe, there’s every chance! Inside this epic alien edition of Whizz Pop Bang, you’ll discover the conditions needed to support life, find out how scientists are combing the skies for signs of alien existence and discover the truth behind 10 crazy alien myths!

You can also launch a miniature Juice mission rocket, investigate the effects of freezing and thawing on living things, create an ‘alien’ egg and find out how living things survive in tough environments. Make a paper model of an alien spaceship, craft an upcycled alien desk tidy, find out how radio telescopes work and travel to the Australian outback to find out about the invasion of the cane toads! Meet a scientist who searches for Earth-like planets that could have inhabitants, find out about Carl Sagan, the space expert who was interested in the idea of life beyond Earth, design an outer-space creature that could survive on Jupiter’s largest moon and discover a flashing jellyfish that looks like a UFO!

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Space, Stars and Planets

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