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Did you know that the mushrooms you see growing in forests are just the fruiting parts of fungi? The bulk of a fungus’s body is a vast underground network, harbouring secret functions that scientists are only recently beginning to unravel.

In this edition of Whizz Pop Bang, you can discover all sorts of weird and wonderful fungi, from one that looks like a little fairy bath to another that resembles dog sick! You’ll be able to get busy making mushroom-spore artwork, crafting model mushrooms and experiment with feeding yeast fungi at home!

Find out how glow-in-the-dark fungi shine bright, discover the woodland deer who love to munch on mushrooms and meet a mycologist who investigates the incredible powers of fungi. Find out about Carl Linnaeus, who helped invent our modern classification system, fly around a fairy ring in a fun board game, discover an organism that can be used to measure levels of pollution and use fungi to blow up a balloon! Plus, make spooky snacks and upcycled ghosts, perfect for a green Halloween party!

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Plants, Environment

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