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Winter can be a magical time of snowflakes, sledging and snowball fights, but it's important to stay snug and warm in the cold. Discover the secret science behind staying toasty in this cosy winter edition of Whizz Pop Bang! Make your own thermometer, create upcycled hand warmers, investigate insulation and snuggle up with some delicious mulled apple juice.

Meet Louise Arner Boyd – the fearless explorer who filmed and photographed the snowy Arctic. Find out how animals survive the cold, discover how Thermos flasks work, craft waddling penguins and create a homemade snow globe. Meet a geophysicist who studies the people and animals living in snowy places, read about the adaptations that help Arctic foxes thrive in the chilliest conditions and fill in the gaps to star in your own ridiculous snowy adventure story!

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Human body, Materials

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