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Science for the senses bundle

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Excite your senses with the science of sound, smell, taste and touch with this awesome bundle of magazines!

TURN UP THE VOLUME - we're investigating the science of sound with a Whizz, a Pop and a Bang! Make your own screecher, banger and smart phone speaker from our noisy pullout section. Find out how sound travels through solids by constructing a string telephone, and then take some inspiration from noisy nature by making a duck quacker and a budgie triller.

SUGAR RUSH! We're sinking our teeth into some sugar-coated science this issue! Find out what happens to your body when you eat a sugary treat and then have a go at making some yummy low-sugar treats at home. Discover how candy floss machines work and discover 10 Awesomely Amazing sweet surprises that might put you off sweets for ever – scorpion lollies, anyone?! Take an in-depth look at why chocolate eggs are shrinking and meet a sweet scientist!

In this COLOUR EXPLOSION edition we’ll be discovering what colour really is, making rainbows, discovering why chameleons change colour and mixing up some colour-changing paint. Learn how to grind up your own natural pigments too! You'll meet bubble scientist Helen Czerzi, discover ten awesomely amazing colourful animals and find out how chemist William Henry Perkin created a whole new industry, by accident...

Tagged in: Indoor experiments, Kitchen experiments, Nanotechnology, Spy/Forensic Science

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