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Get ready for loads of action-packed science fun outdoors with these awesome issues of Whizz Pop Bang!

SKY HIGH SCIENCE! Wouldn’t it be amazing to fly like a bird? Or how do you fancy fluttering like a butterfly, or even soaring like a snake?! There are all sorts of flying phenomena to discover inside this issue. Have a go at making your own stunt plane, investigating different designs of straw planes and testing aerofoils… up, up and away!

Get ready for loads of SEASIDE SCIENCE in this edition of Whizz Pop Bang! Check out the rock pools teeming with life, have a go at making your own ocean in a bottle and use the power of science to build a super sandcastle. Find out what life is like as a marine biologist, get up close with an octopus and then make your own model octopus and starfish, along with a water-powered boat.

GREAT OUTDOORS... There’s no better place to immerse yourself in science, whether you’re in a city amongst urban foxes or you’re building dens and tracking badger prints in the wilds of the countryside – it’s time to get outdoors and start investigating! Inside this issue of Whizz Pop Bang you can cut out and fly your own peregrine falcon, cook up some campfire treats, discover how compasses work and meet a science adventurer.

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