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Human body science bundle

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Kids love learning about how our bodies work, whether they want to be a nurse or a doctor, they have a built-in fascination with all the clever ways our bodies keep us alive. This bundle is ideal for school holidays with lots of experiments and activities to try out.

There’s oodles of science fun to sink your gnashers into Terrific Teeth! Cut out and make a chart to keep track of your adult teeth, play a wibbly wobbly tooth board game, investigate the effects of different liquids on tooth structures and experiment with a chemical reaction that produces a mass of foaming paste fit for elephants’ tusks.

Get ready for loads of eye-poppingly exciting experiments in the Eye Spy issue of Whizz Pop Bang! Find all sorts of ways to trick your eyes, have a go at writing your name in braille and discover how microscopes work. Make your own 3D glasses, and Emmi's eco club sun catcher to stop birds flying into windows.

Take a look at what's going on inside our heads in Brilliant Brains – not only is your brain busy processing all of your thoughts and memories, it’s also responsible for your speech, movement and vital functions. Find out how brains works and have a go at some brilliant brain training activities in this heady edition of Whizz Pop Bang!

Every issue of Whizz Pop Bang has activities, jokes and puzzles for kids aged 6 to 12 - loads of fun science to inspire the next generation of budding scientists!

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