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Explore the science of attraction in Issue 7 – discover seals that blow pink balloons through their noses and birds that do crazy moonwalk dances to attract a mate! There’s a feature on gold, where you can explore the ancient art of alchemy and try your hand at some glistening metal experiments of your own. Then see if you can harness the attractive power of magnetism to make your own compass. You’ll also find articles about Venus, the unbearably hot planet of love, monkeys (it’s the Chinese year of the monkey did you know?), TVs, Rosalind Franklin’s DNA discovery, 10 awesomely amazing myths explained and an interview with an orangutan conservationist. And finally, are you brave enough to start eating insects to save the planet? It’s all in Whizz Pop Bang #7!

Tagged in: Forces, Magnetism, Outdoor experiments, Space, Stars and Planets

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