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Bundle of 6 back issues

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Ideal to keep the kids happy over the holidays – or as a super birthday gift – these bundles of six Whizz Pop Bang magazines are bursting with all sorts of amazing science to try at home! Simply use the drop-down menu to select which six issues you'd like to receive.

Issue 19, Fascinating Families: unearth amazing connections in science and nature
Issue 20, Turn up the Volume: the supersonic science of sound
Issue 21, Sugar Rush: the science of sweetness
Issue 22, Small Wonder: zooming in on tiny science
Issue 23, Flower Power: blooming marvellous science
Issue 24, The Great Outdoors: the science of survival

Issue 25, Secrets of the Deep: diving into Earth’s oceans
Issue 26, Super Seeds: cracking open the secrets of how plants spread
Issue 27, Spectacular Skeletons: the brilliant science of bones
Issue 28, Planetary Adventures: Blast off on a voyage of discovery
Issue 29, Abracadabra! Magical tricks and marvellous science
Issue 30, Water Force: the awesome liquid that shapes our world

Issue 37, Jumping Jungles: trek into the tropics on a journey of discovery
Issue 38, Brilliant Brains: get your thinking caps on for some mind-boggling science
Issue 39, Space Travel: 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Lift-off
Issue 40, Bug-Tastic Bacteria: the good, the bad and the unbelievable
Issue 41, Jingle Bell Rock: a mash-up of musical science
Issue 42, Rubbish Science: Become a keen green recycling machine

Issue 43, I Love Science: Get pumped up about hearts
Issue 44, Quake, Rattle and Roll: the science of our active planet
Issue 45, Boating and Floating: sail on a voyage of discovery
Issue 46, Eye Spy: a close-up look at the science of sight
Issue 47, Pee Power: urine for a treat this issue
Issue 48, Hello Sunshine: soak up some seriously sunny science

Issue 55, Ancient Egypt: the hidden science of mummies and pyramids!
Issue 56, Splash: leap into the science of ponds
Issue 57, Rock On: mining the science of rocks and minerals
Issue 58, Amazing Grazing: swishing through the science of grass
Issue 59, Playground Science: the fun of the park in your home
Issue 60, Remarkable Reefs: explore cool corals and crazy creatures

Issue 61, On the Move: Amazing animal migrations
Issue 62, Over the Moon: Launch into lunar science
Issue 63, Sweet Dreams: The science of sleep
Issue 64, Fire! Fire! Set your mind ablaze with some fiery science
Issue 65, Dino Giants: Plus prehistoric monsters of the sea and air
Issue 66, Art Attack: Where science and art collide

HOLIDAY SCIENCE BUNDLE – perfect for keeping kids busy over the holidays!
•  Issue 18, Snowball science A flurry of awesome experiments
•  Issue 20, Turn-up the volume: the supersonic science of sound
•  Issue 30, Water force: the awesome liquid that shapes our world
•  Issue 31, Sparkly science: glittering gems, jewels and crystals
•  Issue 34, Shocking science: get the buzz on electricity
•  Issue 35, Sporty science: experiments you'll get a kick out of!

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