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Issue 55

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Are you looking for an Ancient Egypt magazine for kids?

This issue, we’re travelling back in time to one of the most impressive civilisations in history. The ancient Egyptians were famous for building pyramids, but did you know that they were the first to establish a 365-day calendar, they loved board games and they had many weird and wonderful ideas about medicine?! They also invented bowling, so this issue we're looking inside a modern bowling lane to find out how it works.

You’ll also discover how to mummify a tomato, investigate the friction involved in pulling blocks across the desert and play an ancient Egyptian board game! Then, find out about the evolution of the humble toothbrush, meet the toothily awesome Nile crocodile, make your own papyrus paper, decode a hieroglyphic story and read an interview with Dr Konstantina Drosou, who studies DNA from mummies to find out what life was like in the past.

Tagged in: Fossils, Archaeology and Dinosaurs, Forces, Historical topics

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