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Issue 60

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Have you always wanted to swim alongside turtles and explore exquisite coral reefs? Take a virtual dive with us beneath the ocean surface this issue and find out all about these awe-inspiring ecosystems.

Uncover weird and wonderful reef residents, find out how scuba diving equipment works, craft a 3D coral reef, investigate the effects of ocean acidity, turn a plastic bag into a kite and create your own miniature underwater world inside a jar. Take a dip with terrific turtles, explore some of the deadliest creatures of the risky reef, craft a coral reef diorama, meet a reef-saving researcher and find out about Sylvia Earle, who has dedicated her life to becoming the voice of the ocean. You can even make, and then eat, edible models of coral polyps! A whole watery world awaits…

Tagged in: Adaptation & Evolution, Environment, Water, Indoor experiments, Outdoor experiments

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