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Issue 62

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Join us on a virtual Moon mission this issue! Find out all about its craters, ‘seas’, gravity and rocks. Make model Moon craters, build a Moon phase board, meet an astronaut hoping to travel to the Moon and peek inside a lunar rover. There’s even a pullout double-sided Moon map poster for your bedroom wall!

Find out about a creature that can survive at -40°C and travel for 12 hours a day – say hello to howling wolves! Puzzle over some ‘cheesy’ Moon myths that people have invented over thousands of years, knot a drinks bottle carrier, discover ten awesomely amazing moons of our solar system, from massive Ganymede to tiny Dactyl, and find out about the discoveries made by Galileo Galilei that earned him the nickname, ‘The father of modern science’.

Tagged in: Space, Stars and Planets

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