Whizz Pop Bang magazine arrives in paper envelopes!

Previously delivered in plastic wrap, children’s science magazine Whizz Pop Bang will now be posted out in recyclable FSC certified paper envelopes.

As a small, independent magazine publisher, it’s been our mission to react quickly and do the right thing; for the environment, for our readers and for the future. We’re thrilled to announce that, starting from today, our monthly magazines will be sent in eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, recyclable paper envelopes. We’ve added a fun, science-themed design to the envelopes that will change every few months and add to the joy of receiving magazines through the post.

We’re also helping kids to understand the need to recycle, with a message directly to the children on the envelope saying, ‘Please recycle me’, giving the reader a sense of responsibility to think about what happens to our waste.

Look out for the extra activities on our envelopes – they change every few months!

Whizz Pop Bang magazine regularly features articles about the environment, recycling and the problems caused by plastic waste. The next issue of Whizz Pop Bang also sees the start of a new Eco Club, with an activity on upcycling a plastic milk bottle.

We’re super proud of our new paper envelopes!

Whizz Pop Bang science magazine for kids is available via subscription from our website: whizzpopbang.com

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Plastic wrap – finding a solution

Thank you to all our concerned subscribers who have been in touch about the use of plastic wrap to package Whizz Pop Bang magazines.

Whilst plastic wrap has lots of advantages – it keeps the magazines dry, is lightweight and affordable and protects the magazines from the rigours of the postal system, we’re very aware that it’s not an eco-friendly solution. Although plastic wrap can be recycled along with plastic bags, that’s becoming harder to do since a lot of supermarkets have now sadly removed their plastic bag recycling facilities.

The team at Whizz Pop Bang are actively seeking a more environmentally friendly alternative, but sadly this is not as straightforward as it ought to be. We have to consider the logistics – the added weight and bulk of envelopes and therefore the extra fuel used to transport them. We also have to consider the chemicals used in production of any material, as well as the extra cost implications (we don’t charge for postage and packing, which helps to make the price of a subscription affordable).

This issue is a real concern and we’ll let our subscribers know as soon as we’ve found an eco-friendly solution. In the meantime, please recycle your plastic wrap or repurpose it as best you can. To find your nearest plastic wrap recycling point, use this online tool: https://www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling

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