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This issue is all about SPY SCIENCE!! Are those YOUR finger prints? Eeeew, there's even some blood... Who did it? Can you break the code? Yes, this is an action-packed issue of your favourite science magazine with a BRILLIANT article about Forensic Science written by the gruesome Nick Arnold of Horrible Science fame. We've also gone baking mad in the summer sunshine with a bake-off challenge with a difference – can you make cookies in a home-made solar powered oven? The super-talented Isabel Thomas writes her debut feature for us all about the Sun, just perfect for summer-time reading :) You'll also find an interview with Robert Winston, an 'In Depth' look at how peppered moths evolved to become camouflaged in the industrial revolution, you can sniff out some talented sniffer dogs, find out about wartime hero Grace Hopper and discover 10 awesomely amazing spy gadgets. We've even found space for instructions on how to make a periscope, as well as a guide to hosting your own star-gazing party, complete with planet-shaped cake pops for all your friends to munch on – yum yum!!

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