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These bundles of thirty magazines are ideal for whole-class reading. They also make awesome party bag gifts!

Simply choose which issue of the magazine you'd like to receive.

For example, if you choose 'Thirty copies of Issue 70' and you leave the quantity as 1, you'll receive thirty copies of Issue 70, our Terrific Teeth edition. If you select the quantity as 2, we'll send you sixty copies of Issue 70.

If a magazine isn't listed in the dropdown menu, it's because we're out of stock of that edition, sorry.

Here's a list of the available magazines:

Issue 4, ROARSOME! Dinosaurs and more
Issue 5, SANTA SCIENCE: Redesigning Santa's sleigh and more
Issue 7, THE SCIENCE OF ATTRACTION: magnetism, Venus and more
Issue 10, EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS: volcanoes and more
Issue 12, SEASIDE SPECIAL: grab your bucket and spade for some science by the sea
Issue 13, SPY SCIENCE: become a forensic scientist in your own home
Issue 15, COLOUR EXPLOSION: a rainbow of science
Issue 17, 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: 12 edible experiments
Issue 18, SNOWBALL SCIENCE: a flurry of awesome experiments
Issue 19, FASCINATING FAMILIES: unearth amazing connections in science and nature
Issue 20, TURN UP THE VOLUME: the supersonic science of sound
Issue 21, SUGAR RUSH: the science of sweetness
Issue 22, SMALL WONDER: zooming in on tiny science
Issue 23, FLOWER POWER: blooming marvellous science!
Issue 24, THE GREAT OUTDOORS: the science of survival
Issue 25, SECRETS OF THE DEEP: diving into Earth’s oceans
Issue 26, SUPER SEEDS: cracking open the secrets of how plants spread
Issue 27, SPECTACULAR SKELETONS: the brilliant science of bones
Issue 28, PLANETARY ADVENTURES: blast off on a voyage of discovery
Issue 29, ABRACADABRA: marvellous tricks and magical science
Issue 30, WATER FORCE: the awesome liquid that shapes our world
Issue 31, SPARKLY SCIENCE: glittering gems, jewels and crystals
Issue 33, PURR-FECT PETS: science to get your tail wagging
Issue 34, SHOCKING SCIENCE: get the buzz on electricity
Issue 35, SPORTY SCIENCE: experiments you'll get a kick out of!
Issue 36, SKY HIGH SCIENCE: take off on a fabulous flight of discovery
Issue 37, JUMPING JUNGLES: trek into the tropics on a journey of discovery
Issue 38, BRILLIANT BRAINS: get your thinking caps on for some mind-boggling science
Issue 39, SPACE TRAVEL: 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Lift-off
Issue 40, BUG-TASTIC BACTERIA: the good, the bad and the unbelievable
Issue 41, JINGLE BELL ROCK: a mash-up of musical science
Issue 42, RUBBISH SCIENCE: become a keen green recycling machine!
Issue 43, I LOVE SCIENCE: get pumped up about hearts!
Issue 44, QUAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL: the science of our active planet
Issue 45, BOATING AND FLOATING: sail on a voyage of discovery
Issue 46, EYE SPY: a close-up look at the science of sight
Issue 47, PEE POWER: urine for a treat this issue
Issue 48, HELLO SUNSHINE: soak up some seriously sunny science
Issue 49, WILD WHEELS: science to get you in a spin
Issue 51, CODING CAPERS: welcome to the wonderful world of computer programming
Issue 52, KABOOM! Explosive science to blow your mind
Issue 53, SCIENCE SUPERPOWERS: prepare to be amazed
Issue 55, ANCIENT EGYPT: the hidden science of mummies and pyramids!
Issue 56, SPLASH: leap into the science of ponds
Issue 57, ROCK ON: mining the science of rocks and minerals
Issue 58, AMAZING GRAZING: swishing through the science of grass
Issue 59, PLAYGROUND SCIENCE: the fun of the park in your home
Issue 60, REMARKABLE REEFS: explore cool corals and crazy creatures
Issue 61, ON THE MOVE: amazing animal migrations
Issue 62, OVER THE MOON: launch into lunar science
Issue 63, SWEET DREAMS: the science of sleep
Issue 64, FIRE! FIRE! Set your mind ablaze with some fiery science
Issue 65, DINO GIANTS: plus prehistoric monsters of the sea and air
Issue 66, ART ATTACK: where science and art collide!
Issue 67, MISSION TO MARS: prepare for lift off to the red planet
Issue 68, PESKY PARASITES: meet the world's worst guests
Issue 69, RADICAL ROMANS: science and engineering in ancient Rome
Issue 70, TERRIFIC TEETH: tuck into some bite-sized science
Issue 71, ROBOTS ROCK: welcome to the robo-revolution
Issue 72, INCREDIBLE INSECTS: meet the bugs in your backyard
Issue 73, DAZZLING DESERTS: exploring the driest places on Earth
Issue 74, SAVE OUR PLANET: how to help fix the climate crisis
Issue 75, TREMENDOUS TREES: a forest full of fun!
Issue 76, SURVIVING THE STONE AGE: journey back in time for some prehistoric science

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