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Take off this summer with our Sky High Science issue!

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to fly like a bird? Or how do you fancy fluttering like a butterfly, or even soaring like a snake?! There are all sorts of flying phenomena to discover this issue. Have a go at making your own stunt plane, investigating different designs of straw planes and testing aerofoils. We interview Palaeontologist Liz Martin-Silverstone to ask her how on earth the giant pterosaurs were able to fly, plus we find out how drones work, and answer the question on lots of people’s minds… just how do planes fly???

Buy this issue here and fill your summer holidays with awesome science fun!! ? ✈ ?

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Whizz Pop bang Dinosaur head

Pterosaur take-off

Scientist think that large pterosaurs, like the giant Quetzalcoatlus, probably took off by leaping into the air from all four limbs. These animals were so enormous that if they only used their back legs to take off, like a bird, their thigh bones would have snapped!

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